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I'm talking about Community Grant Day! Today we gave over $42,000 to local and national non profits serving many different missions.  Through our member and club driven fund raising efforts, we were able to support 26 non profits.  Here’s a summary of who and what the funds will be used for!


  • Howard County Community College: Funds will go to support Rous Scholars Scholarships.  These scholarships help pay HCCC tuition for those in need.
  • HC Library - Battle of the Books:  Funds will help support this competition for 5th graders that encourages them to get excited about reading.  Sponsored by Dave Bittner.
  • Casey Cares Foundation:  Funds go directly to uplifting programs for critically ill children in the MD area and their families.  Sponsored by Dan Scherr and Darren Easton
  • Children’s National Medical Center:  Money goes to the blood donor center and their portable donor kits.  These kits allow easier access to more donors!  Sponsored by Phil Komorik.
  • Columbia Festival of the Arts:  Funds will be used for the upcoming 25th anniversary beginning June 15th. Sponsored by Blaine Milner.
  • Columbia Pro Cantare:  Funds will be used to support this chorus group’s next concert and provide tickets to area high-school students.  Sponsored by Pamela Young.
  • Domestic Violence Center of HC:  Jen says, “Thank you! This support goes to show that we don’t tolerate Domestic Violence in Howard County”.  Sponsored by Cliff Feldwick.
  • Fidos for Freedom: Grant will help raise a new breed of therapy dogs.  Accepted by Pat, Debbie, and Tila the dog. Sponsored by Helena Sidel.
  • Gilchrist Hospice: Funds will help with the uncompensated care provided at the Howard County In-patient branch.  Allows them to continue compassionate care for the terminally ill.  Sponsored by Jim Lee.
  • HC Drug Free:  All funds will help support programs for drug and alcohol abuse in Hhoward County.  Sponsored by Caroline Sherman.
  • HC Foundation for Black Education and Cultural Achievement:  Celebrating their 35th anniversary. Money will support graduating seniors on their way to college.  Sponsored by Dushyant Patel.
  • HC Conservancy: All funds will go to field trip and education programs that the conservancy provides to local students.  Sponsored by Dave Bittner/Blaine Milner.
  • Howard County General Hospital Foundation: Money raised for the hospital goes towards their campus development plan.  The campus is “growing leaps and bounds”.  Sponsored by Sandy Harriman.
  • Howard County Student Film Festival:  Grant will help produce the festival which in turn will help Howard County students grow their artistic skills.  Sponsored by Dave Bittner.
  • MD School for the Deaf:  Summertime is lonely for their students because of lack of communication.  Funds will go to summer camps that reunite students with their friends and language.  Sponsored by Sandy Harriman.
  • National Family Resiliency Center:  This organization helps aid in family transition (i.e. divorce or loss of a parent/family member).  Money will help provide scholarships for counseling services.  Sponsored by Karen Dixon/Kellie Lego.
  • NAMI: Supports and educates families and those afflicted with mental illnesses.  Money will help pay stipends to those who are b/w jobs.  Sponsored by Pete Kunz/Mary Cain.
  • Neighbor Ride: Keeps seniors connected to the community. This money will help them meet the demand.  Sponsored by Dawn Audia, Adam Joss, Laurie Reuben, Ken Solow.
  • On Our Own: Grant will go to the wellness and recovery center.  A place for those with mental illness to meet, learn, and be empowered.  Sponsored by Pete Kunz.
  • Remember our Troops:  Funds go to phone and gift cards for troops at Walter Reed.  Sponsored by Doug Dribben.
  • Police Unity Tour: Funds will go to the police cycling team.  The team will add 173 names to the fallen officers wall in DC.  The funds will also provide family services to the fallen.  Sponsored by Katie Essing.
  • Small Miracles Cat and Dog Rescue: Sponsored by the Reservoir Highschool Interact Club and Roy Felipe.
  • Camp Possibilities:  A camp for type 1 diabetic children.  This illness makes it difficult and expensive for children to go on overnight trips.  The grant will help offset costs for parents who need help sending their children.  Sponsored by Alan Jefferson and Roy Felipe.
  • Winter Growth: Funds will help support families who are just getting by while supporting an elderly parent.  It will help provide respite care to these families.  Sponsored by Alan Jefferson and Pete Kunz.
  • Y of Central Maryland:  Grant funds will help get children to camp this summer at the Y.  Sponsored by Dave Lerer and Sherri Brogan.
  • Young Audiences:  Ensures arts remain alive in Howard County schools.  Funds will provide access to the arts at underfunded schools.  Sponsored by Alan jefferson.
  • Community Action Council:  Provides services to low income families in states of crisis.  Funds will also provide for children to go to their head start program.

Blaine Milner put it best, "Today's meeting reminds him of why Howard County is a great place to live".  Looking forward to next year.

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