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It's Movie time! Ken Solow presents "Dare to Dream"

The Rotary Club of Columbia Patuxent, along with many of the individual Rotarian's in the club, is a generous sponsor of the new documentary, Dare To Dream, How Rotary Became the Heart and Soul of Polio Eradication.

The movie was written and produced by club member, Ken Solow, and directed and edited by Ilana Bittner, wife of club member, Dave Bittner, at Pixel Workshop. At this Friday's meeting we will view an 18-minute excerpt of the film and get a chance to preview this highly praised full-length documentary about Rotary history. We should have ordered some popcorn for breakfast!  It's movie time!!

"Rotary leaders pursued a grand vision and eventually overcame all obstacles in setting Rotary on a course that, thirty years later, is set to achieve the most incredible public health victory the world has ever seen."

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