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This week's Program: Tabby Fique, Howard County Conservancy

Tabby Fique, Howard County Conservancy

Tabby stops by this Friday to tell us all about what’s happening at the Conservancy. Hear all about volunteer opportunities, group activities, special events and other…


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Better Bedrest – Blanka McClammer visits this week

Blanka McClammer became involved with Better BedRest in 1993, being instrumental in inviting the organization to share the information on the maternity unit. She has been a board member for the last 5+ years assisting in carrying out the mission of the organization.

Better Bedrest…


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Jennifer Bodensiek, Junior Achievement of Central Maryland Visits

Join us this Friday as Jennifer Bodensiek stops by to tell us all about Junior Achievement of Central Maryland. Jennifer has been the president and CEO of Junior Achievement of Central Maryland since 2009. Junior Achievement of Central Maryland serves Maryland’s young people, educators, and business…


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Visit from Geoff Arnold of the Frederick Keys

This Friday we welcome Geoff Arnold, Broadcasting and  Public Relations Manager for the Frederick Keys. …


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Cathy Smith Visits

This week we welcome Cathy Smith from Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center to tell us about her newest program, Don't Do Nothing. Cathy has been raising awareness and community support for Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center for the last 7 years. She is the outreach coordinator for Change Matters,…


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Columbia Festival of the Arts – Bringing it Home

Join us this week as we welcome Todd Olson to tell us all about the great new things that are happening with this fantastic annual event.

The mission of the Columbia Festival of the Arts is to present a world class celebration of the arts and entertainment that…


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A letter of thanks...

A letter that Chaya Kaplan, our CSAS recipient sent on behalf of the A-OK Mentoring and Tutoring, Inc.…


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Good Samaritan Orphanage

Welcome Rev. Dr. Robert M. Mbinda...

This week we are very excited to have Rev. Dr. Robert M. Mbinda as our guest speaker to tell us all about the Good Samaritan Orphanage in Mbeya, Tanzania

Rev. Dr. Robert M. Mbinda, Director of the Good Samaritan Orphanage, is a priest of the Anglican Church in Tanzania. He earned a Masters of Divinity in 1986 from Trinity School for Ministry in…


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The Sierra Leone Education Fund

Welcome Jennifer Pilholski...

This week we are very excited to have Jennifer Carr Pilholski as our guest speaker to tell us all about the Ebola epidemic and Education in Sierra Leone.

Jennifer is the president and founder of the Sierra Leone Education fund. Jennifer's connections to Moyamba, Sierra Leone date back to the 1940's when her great aunt, the late June Hartranft, served…


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Meet our speaker this week is from BONSTINGL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, Jay Jay Bonstingl.

Bonstingl is a full-service international consulting firm specializing in Baldrige-based Quality solutions for world-class leaders and their organizations.

Their clients are recognized leaders in business, healthcare, education, government, and associations who celebrate their strengths as they work…


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Motel Boxes for Grassroots

This week at our meeting we provided and packed up food and other supplies for families living in emergency housing in local motels until better arrangements are found for them. The “motel boxes” are stored until needed by Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center, which is the original point of entry for individuals…


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New President of Howard County General Hospital VISITS.

On Friday August 15th, Mr. Steven C. Snelgrove drops by to tell us all about the future of Howard County Genera Hospital. As new President, Steven is responsible for the overall operation and direction of the hospital. An experienced leader with 34 years of health care management experience in both academic and…


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A Must Read for all Rotarians

A Century of Service: The Story of Rotary International

The spirit of service is alive and well in the 21st century. Just look at Rotary International--a nonprofit organization of 1.2 million members in more than 165 countries dedicated to improving the human condition. In an increasingly complex and impersonal world, Rotarians remain committed to helping their communities--and the world beyond. Who are the men and women behind the world's…


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Quotes of Past Presidents

The following quotes reflect the diversity of presidents who have led Rotary International and its Foundation since the organization’s beginning in 1905. Taken from Rotary resources, the quotes are a selective sampling and by no means exhaustive.

“Man has affinity for his fellowman,…


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Member Spotlight

Another great member post: Member Spotlight. Please meet new member Kalie Fishburn.

Ms. Kalie Fishburn

Kalie is the Community…


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Member Spotlight

Yet another installment of our ever-popular feature: Member Spotlight. Please meet RCCP's very own Ms. Kellie Lego

Ms. Kellie Lego…


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Cyprus Friendship Program featured at January 17th Meeting

This organization of volunteers cooperating from both the north and south sides of Cyprus, and the Cyprus Friendship Program, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in the United States, share the mission to promote peace and understanding in Cyprus. By bringing together teenagers from both sides of the divide with future leadership potential, encouraging lifelong friendships among them, and extending these friendships to their friends and families they hope to build…

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Howard County's Defense Against Counterfeiters — Martin Johnson

This week we're pleased to have as our guest speaker: Martin Johnson.

"Most criminals are not considering the odds of getting caught — they live in the moment," he said. "Think about it: A fraudulent document only has to be good enough to be accepted and get the job done — nothing more."…


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Peter Franchot visits the Club.

We were privileged to have State Comptroller, Peter Franchot as our guest/presenter last week. You can read about his program and his special gift to our very own Alan Jefferson in our newsletter, but here's a bit about Mr. Franchot and his work.

Peter Franchot was elected Maryland's…


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Vic Broccolino Receives Community Service Above Self Award

The Rotary Club of Columbia/Patuxent has selected Vic Broccolino as the recipient of its second annual Community Service Above Self Award. The award recognizes a non-Rotarian who gives back to the community in a way that reflects the Club’s spirit of having fun through…


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